Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday's Munchies: January 14th


Okay, so I did not stray far from last week's lunch. That's because I am super busy! But I WILL create some time to research more awesome lunch ideas this week. I have included a few tidbits about what this meal will add to your life :0)

1 cup of Fresh Blueberries: 80 calories

Blueberries contain vitamin C and K and are a powerful antioxidant. They have shown to protect against cancer, heart disease, and improve memory. And they are tasty!

1 cup of Raw Baby Carrots 35 calories

Here's the scoop on baby carrots: They are whittled down from real carrots then packaged, thus you will lose some of the nutrients in the process. However, they are perfect to pack for lunch. If you wanted more nutrients, I would advise peeling and chopping up organic carrots. However, I don't have time for that! They are still a good source of vitamin A (which is good for your eyes, prevents cataracts) and potassium, which can help blood pressure. Not only that, but I think that the carrots are what helps me to feel "full" all day, and they are low in calories!

Chicken/Spinach Mini Wrap 180 calories

I am guessing a little at the calories here. I want to emphasize that they are MINI wraps (like, the ones for kids, only 60 calories each), not the big burrito sized ones. What I did at the beginning of the week was cut some raw chicken into pieces, then pan grill them with a little bit of seasoning. I add about 5 or 6 of those pieces into the wrap (along with some raw spinach) for my protein intake for my workout later. I put in A LOT of spinach, which is good for fiber and another powerful antioxidant. It is virtually NO CALORIES and makes you feel full. How can you go wrong with that? This portion makes me feel like I'm having an actual "meal".

18 Pieces of Cheddar Rice Cakes 70 calories

These are for my sanity. I have a love affair with CHEESE. Not very conducive to a svelte/foxy body. On top of me getting my cheese fix, they are rich in fiber and give me carb energy for my workouts. It also seems like you can each a whole bunch for little calorie intake. I like to snack on these a couple of hours after lunch.

1 Cup Chobani Greek Honey Yogurt 150 calories

This is full of protein and is sweetened naturally by "just honey". Greek yogurt all around is creamy and pretty good, but I think I prefer the cottage cheese of last week better. That was less calories as well.

On a positive note, I lost 3 pounds since last week! I only went to the gym twice and skipped a few of my stairs rounds, but I am getting pretty consistent with it. Also, my Kenyan husband-to-be is introducing me to his foods which are actually really healthy-lots of kale, cilantro, and other leafy greens. He looks pretty fit without even working out, so I'm going to try it his way. Recipes to come!

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