Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My New Mint Obsession

I seem to get obsessed with certain things from time to time. One time it was hot cheetos. Another time it was Fraggle Rock on DVD. I got one a few years ago with lawn gnomes, and that one seems to have not gone away. However, this one started last summer and is still lurking around. It's mint! The color, anyway.

I think because of the candy, mint the color perhaps bring out the perceptory senses that one has when one thinks of mint. Cool, clean, a small BURST of flavor. That's what I associate when I think of mint.  

Here are a few design ideas with this fantabulous color:

Fine Art Photo from LupenGrainne

Vintage Rotary Phone from Larch Trading Company

Upcycled shelf for co0lor coordinated tchochkas

I am in love with this piece from WhiteFauxTaxidermy

Mint Kitchen by Better Homes and Gardens

Mint Upcycled Dresser by Twice Lovely

Painted vintage vases by TheDustyNook

Vintage Jadite Saucers vy StayAtHomeVintage

Buddha Soap by HippigNL

Chunky Mint Necklace by Pree Brulee


  1. LoVe this mint collection :-)
    I found your blog via Etsy! Would you take a peek at my blog? :)
    Snaara Baara Bijoux

  2. mint green is my favorite color! I would love to have that kitchen!

    visiting you from the etsy we love vintage team! great blog :)