Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Craft Fair Display

I am back lovelies!

It's been awhile, between my hubby graduating, us getting married, him moving in...yeah no time for much anything. I am excited to get back to blogging with you all and getting creative again. My Etsy shops sure have been neglected these past couple of months!

The good news is that I have a huge holiday fair to prepare for on October 27th to kick start the process. I have always toyed with the idea of displaying my wares at a show, and the Holiday Mashup series that is going on in Lubbock might be a good place to start. I am always afraid that I'm going to look like someone who had way too much time on their hands who just kind of threw some "art projects" together but who won't sell very much. I really want to wow them with my display and my merchandise, so I have been searching the internet for creative displays for inspiration. And there are plenty!

I love the convenience of this display. Light to carry, cheap to make, and gives your booth a vintage home-feel. Think of all of the earrings I could hang on this thing! If you have a few of these, you needn't even bother with tables.

I love this concept because not only does it give some structure to your booth, but you can really use a monochromatic color scheme to make your items pop. Better yet, it provides more transparency for your customers so that you aren't hiding behind a huge display. But for my purposes, how will I make the frames stand up on a table by themselves? Perhaps mini easels? Definitely a contender and something to think about. 

And hey....maybe you could even sell the frame displays while you're at it!

This one I found on Etsy from datedbydesign (you can find the shop link below). I love it when people take simple office supplies and do something creative with them! Cork board + tacs = hanging objects, right? Simple concept, but in a way only a creative person would think of doing it. Cork is fairly cheap and with some thrift store frames and lots of tacs, you might have yourself a winner for a display. Or if you are in a time crunch and a little lazy like me, you can just buy some.

How about this! It appears to be a vintage cake stand that has been spraypainted. I think the architectural design of the layers will draw people in to the booth, adding some depth to the items.

This seems simple enough. A paper towel holder as a bracelet holder. When you have the many colors and patterns of the bracelets, it draws the eye in. I can see me doing this with multicolored vases from a thrift store. frees up table space for more inventory!

Another Esty find from AnitaSperoDesign. I can picture a few of these table top shutters for a distressed look that so many people like these days. The shabbiness and vintage...y-ness is sure to make new modern items pop for the display. 

I have a super cheap and cute idea for DIY earring cards that I am putting together-I will have a tutorial for those later in the week. I think I am off to a good start! I'm taking this first craft show as a learning experience-I will observe trends in how people are drawn into certain booths, different setup designs, what I did right, what to never attempt again...

If you have any advice or other bright ideas, please let me know!

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