Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Epic Organization Project

Okay, so I have been living by myself for quite awhile. Even though I have a 3 bedroom house, it is just me in it so I get to do whatever I want. Which includes forgoing a formal dining room (and table) and making it my frame studio for my Etsy shop.

Because really-who wants to formally dine with just one's self?

Enter in fiance who is moving in with me in October. "I" is suddenly becoming "we". I'm almost positive that he will not treat eating among drying frames and paint bottles as casually as I do. I suppose it is time for me to grow up and have an actual dining room that people can eat in. My solution-convert one of my guest bedrooms into my studio. This will be an on going project that I will make sure to update on my blog. I am looking up tons of useful and cost effective ideas to create the perfectly organized creative space.

I love this idea. How simple and cheap is it to install a couple of shelves and use cardboard boxes for storage? I love the concept of covering it with fabric-I think for me, I would like to do each one in a random fabric to create a colorful and mismatched space. And nobody could see through the boxes, so you can just toss in supplies and let them fall where they may :)

I was thinking about how to quickly grab frequently used items while working, so that they would be readily available at my fingertips. I like the idea of mismatched milkglass vases for my "skinny" items, such as paintbrushes, measuring tools, and pencils. I can see them lining my drafting table. Useful, but still makes a design statement.

One of my biggest hurdles is where to put paints. Currently I have them all in a huge container, making the searching process a bit too lengthy for my taste. I like old and vintage things and even more so like making good use of them, and this vintage coke crate seems to display them well. I can picture hanging a bunch of these on my wall and being able to quickly find the exact color that I need. Now I have to go on a hunt for old coke crates (Keep in mind-it doesn't have to be Coca-Cola. Here in Texas we call all soda beverages "cokes")

And then there are the ever useful-magical-life saving-economical-plentiful-never ceasing to fail mason jars. You can expect to see a row of these guys full of things that I will use "one day" but don't want to get rid of. Also, if they are in a transparent container, I will see them everyday and perhaps actually use them!

This is just the start of a brainstorming of ideas. I will post pics as I actually start putting things together.


  1. Good luck on the organization. You have some great ideas. Thank you for including my milk glass collection. Your idea of using them for storage is brilliant!

  2. Can't wait to see the pics! ;)

  3. I love the boxes!! We are trying to organize our sewing room and those would look great and hold our stuff!!