Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome To My Blog?

Everything I could think of when I thought about my first blog post came out cheesy. But I like cheese, so I'm okay with that. Cheddar, Mozzerella, Pepper Jack, it's all good with me. I'm pretty sure that if you cook something and it doesn't turn out well, you can put cheese on it and it will still come out great.

A little about me: I live in Texas, I own an Esty shop where I repurpose and sell beautiful items, I like to recycle and find beauty in old things, I like to cook (I've only reverted to the cheese strategy a couple of times), I believe people should be kind to one another, and I take time to find the humor in things that normal people usually don't think about. I'm hoping I can incorporate the every day things of my life into this blog, and who knows, maybe you will find it interesting!

I'm still coming up with things to blog about, some of which includes recipes, thrift store makeovers, giveaways (ie, shameless self-promotion), still thinking about that...

Please follow me! Would love to join the blogging communities out there.

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